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My parents always told us that America was a land of opportunity, and I believe we all landed an opportunity with Namaste. I’m really thankful for that.

It has been our dream to own our personal restaurant for many years and we want to deliver authentic taste in Nepali/Himalayan food.

In many so-called Nepalese restaurants, the focus is on Indian food because of its popularity and familiarity. We offer those items too, but we focus just as much on true Nepali foods, done in the Nepali style, with Nepali spicing, including a blend of cumin and curry, as well as cilantro powder.

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Since Nepalese cuisine uses no cream, little sugar and is more vegetable-centric, it's considered by some to be healthier than Indian food, though naan and roti are common Nepalese staples as well. Namaste’s chutney, which enhances the taste of many Nepalese dishes, is unique too.

Our philosophy is to serve up authentic Nepali dishes, drinks and friendly service with an atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

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